“Thought breeds thought; children familiar with great thoughts take as naturally to thinking for themselves as the well-nourished body takes to growing; and we must bear in mind that growth; physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual, is the sole end of education.”

Charlotte M. Mason

Welcome to Ambleside
Primary School of Kensington

Ambleside Primary School of Kensington is a Christ centered school that is based on the thought and practice of British author, philosopher and teacher, Charlotte Mason (1842 -1923).

The school has been founded to provide a ‘living education’ for the children of Kensington and surrounding areas.

A living education cultivates a love to learn, to live lives caring for others, while interacting with the best literature, the greatest works of art and music and creation.

Ambleside Year Planner 2024   Year Planner 2024

Date Term

Wednesday 17 January
Friday 26 January
Saturday 27 January
Monday 19-21 February
Tuesday 20 February
Monday 11-13 March
Wednesday 20 March
Thursday 21 March
Friday 29 March
Monday 1 April
Term 1
First Day
Grade 2 Bible Ceremony
Parents as Students Day
ASA School visit
Parent Evening
Parent-Teacher Meetings
All school Lunch - Break Up Day
Public Holiday - Human Right’s Day
Public Holiday - Good Friday
Public Holiday - Family Day

Tuesday 9 April
Wednesday 17 April
Saturday 20 April
Saturday 27 April
Wednesday 1 May
Thursday 2-3 May
Monday 6 May
Wednesday 8 May
Friday 10 May
Saturday 11 May
Sunday 12 May
Monday 13 May
Monday 20-24 May
Monday 27 May
Wednesday 29 May
Monday 10-13 June
Friday 14 June
Saturday 16 June
Sunday 17 June
Term 2
First day
School Photos
Open day
Public Holiday - Freedom Day
Public Holiday - Worker’s Day
School Holiday
Eye test
Eye test
Puppet Show
Grade 1 Puppet Show - Open Day
Mother's Day
Hearing test
Consolidation Week
School Closed - Teacher Admin Day
Voting Day
Parent-Teacher Meetings
Break Up Day
Father’s Day - Youth Day
Youth Day Holiday

Wednesday 10 July
Thursday 18 July
Friday 9 August
Saturday 17 August
Wednesday 28-30 August
Thursday 29 August
Friday 30 August
Saturday 14 September
Monday 16-18 September
Wednesday 18 September
Friday 20 September
Term 3
First Day
Nelson Mandela Day
Public Holiday - National Women’s Day
First Aid Training Course for Staff & Learners
ASA School Visit
Parent Evening
ASA Teacher Training
Parent-Teacher Meetings
Break Up Day

Wednesday 9 October
Monday 4-8 November
Monday 11 November
Tuesday 19-22 November
Monday 25 November
Friday 29 November
Monday 2 December
Thursday 5 December
Monday 16 December
Wednesday 25 December
Thursday 26 December
Term 4
First Day
Consolidation Week
School Closed - Teacher Admin Day
Grade 6 / 7 Camp
Parent-Teacher Meetings
All School Thanksgiving Evening
Grade 7 Farewell Dinner
Break Up Day
Public Holiday - Day of Reconciliation
Public Holiday - Christmas Day
Public Holiday - Boxing Day

Finishing Times 2024

Grade Times
Pre-School / Gr. R 12:45
Grade 1 13:30
Grade 2 13:30
Grade 3 14:00
Grade 4 14:00
Grade 5 / 6 14:15
Grade 7 14:15

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Ambleside Primary School of Kensington is affiliated with Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Ambleside Schools International of Southern Afridayca (ASISA)

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